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I was away from home and visited a Braum's last night. I walked to the counter to order my dinner and asked what was on the Four Cheese Cheeseburger. The girl behind the counter recited to me the ingredients on it. I asked if the pepper jack cheese could be omitted (I don't happen to like pepper jack, or anything spicy, on my food). I then asked if mayonnaise could be put on it and her reply was, "No, we aren't supposed to "modify" the burgers." What??? I am coming to YOUR restaurant and paying MY money and you can't modify the burger to my liking?? What kind of customer service is this??

I'm sure you're proud of the fact that she is following the rules but this is ridiculous!

We left the store without eating there and drove to another Braum's further away as well as out of the way from where I was going. I asked the same of the employee at this store and her smiling response was, "Sure!". When she tried to ring it up the register wouldn't allow her to make specific changes to t. She asked the manager and he also told me, "We aren't supposed to "modify" the burgers but we will do it for you." I thanked him kindly and asked, "Well, I am the customer and am requesting a burger be changed to my liking, I am paying for it." He agreed. I then asked him, "How many burgers do you make in a day that have mayonnaise on them?". He replied, "All of them." My next question was, "Do you have customers that ask for no cheese?" His response, "Every day." They even went so far as to add an extra piece of cheese (of my choice) to replace the pepper jack slice I didn't want.

So, my question to you is...WHY must there be no "modifications" to this specific burger?? Such rigid rules make for bad business and repeat customers!!

I have left off the names of the store I visited to keep them from getting into trouble. BUT, I will tell you this...I WON'T be visiting another Braum's again if this happens again.


Susan Goldsberry

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Hutchinson, Kansas, United States #1237011

I work at braums. That particular burger is not supposed to be modified as that cheese that goes on top and melted on that burger is prepped in advance-four layers of cheese, put on parchment paper, and stacked.

You literally cannot modify that burger, it only comes with those four specific cheeses. We do not stop all we are doing, grab all the ingredients you need fifty eight foot away in our refrigerator, make the cheese combination you want, go back to the kitchen, and make your burger.

Its time consuming, and simply something that is not sensible. There are normally two or less people in our kitchen, and they do not have the time to go and get those ingredients and make a special order like that, when there are many many other orders that are waiting to be made.

What the manager did for you was actually against company policy, and he could lose his job for doing so.

Maryville, Missouri, United States #1176226

Company policy states hat this particular burger cannot be modified. However any extras you would like can be added to your order on the side.


Yes had the same think happen to me and I told them I wouldn't be back all i ask was to pay for a slice of tomato on the side they said no but the other store said yes they have lost a lot of customers


I work at braums and what they manager did he wasn't supposed to do that he got lucky he didn't get caught

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