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Braum's Dairy stores in Ok and Tx are advertising ice cream on their marquee and posters. The signs says 4 cartons for $10.00 ( no further explanation.) Yet they will not sell one at 2.50.

They say you must be a total of 4. If that were the case the sign should say "$10.00 when you buy 4" The cashiers agree it isn't right but "corporate" wants it rung up that way.

Every national grocery store uses simple division. Braum's is just trying to trick consumers who couldn't possibly fit 4 cartons in their freezer.

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Wow. So uhmm that title you put?

10 divided by 4 isn't 2.50? Really?

And it's okay that your fridge won't fit 4 cartons... That discount is helping people that buy a lot of ice cream save money.

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States #663026

Thats how upselling works. We provide an incentive for customers to purchase more product by offering a discount when they buy more.

just like if a large frozen yogurt was on sale.

You can't get a discount on the smaller sizes. The discount is only for the larger product.


Hey think again, it means the same meaning. Don't forget the marquee is small; it wont fix all those letters.


thanks. :)

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