I have reached out to customer service with Braums and they have not reacted to my complaint. I have been a customer at Braums in Chickasha for a long time.

The restaurant continues to become more dirty as time progresses. I was eating lunch we tried to sit in the bench style seats they had food particle on the seats caught in the crevices with bugs eating the food. I threw my food away and left have not returned.

I have check on the problem since then and it had not improved. I only want it to be clean, so I can return as a customer to Braums.

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Still better food than McDonalds.


Reading though these comments.and I've found yours to be the only laget one. And anonymous you rude.


Really ***?.. stfu and get a life, you're over reacting and being melodramatic. :roll

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #740063

Anonymous you are about as helpful as these Braums managers and you have a bad case of claps of the mouth.

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