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Because this experience had to be a joke. After finishing work early in the morning, I went to the Braum's #47 in Edmond drive thru. They gave me the breakfast burrito with picante sauce that I ordered & when I got to my next destination to eat it, I took the burrito out and my hand was covered in syrup. I didn't order syrup but it was all over the sauce packets and burrito. Then I found that they gave me one little napkin. Big mess, little... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 25
  • #907313

Had the worst service ever at Braums at Sw 89th in Oklahoma City . The server never once smiled. Total ***. Ordered two vanilla Malts which were the equivalent of two glasses of milk. Seriously ???? We paid $6.00 for this ***! Surely someone in Oklahoma City can open an ice cream store that Can provide a decent mall without a scowl on your face! Totally sucked !

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Walked in to store #107 in Claremore, OK my wife and I were the only ones at the counter. We stood there for over 6 minutes, several employees walked past us and never even looked at us and the majority of the employees were in the kitchen horsing around. We turned around and walked out, we have eaten there and took our granddaughters there for many many years and with in the last year or so, this store has went down hill. The store is not as... Read more

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Order number 404274. First off it took over 15mins to get the order in drive thru and they messed up my malt 3times . I stopped at the Sherman Texas location, then after I get my order I drove home and minded you I live in a different tonight and got home and still got the wrong shake and everything was cold in my burger.. I come to this place all the time but this was the worst service ever is my email . I would like... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900294

Walked into your store on Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls Saturday too buy milk. The line was 7 people deep and the cashier was the slowest person I ever saw. Too make it worse there was five or six employees standing around and talking at the ice cream counter. Would have been to much to ask for one of them too walk over here to get somebody to check out up front.

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Braums Hamburger Review from Houston, Texas
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I ordered 2 Jr. Bag of burgers.. Service was great but when I got home all 10 burgers were meat and bread only.. Kids were not very pleased and neither was my wife and I.. Read more

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I ordered food to go at the Braums off 71st in BA. I sat in the drive thru for 5 minutes before getting my order taken, then another 5 minutes to pay, and I was the only car in the drive thru I was asked to pull around, I did and parked, the teenage girl that brought me my food, I said thank you, she just turned around to started walking away and mumbled "that pissed me off". I called the store looking for a manager, the person on the phone... Read more

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Service was horrible. Good was below average. I ordered a number 14 but upgraded to a small shake. They handed me my food and then told me to pull in a spot so they could help the person behind me which is rude. Then bring out a junior shake I told her I ordered a small she rolled her eyes walked back in. Poured the junior shake in a small cup and brought it right back out half way full. The lady at the first window was extremely rude as well as... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 09
  • #897254

I just ate breakfast at the Braums on Cache rd in Lawton. The employees were friendly and seem to be working hard. But the building was filthy. There was food on the floor, Windows were dirty, and the seats appeared to have not been wiped down in days. I know Braums prides themselves as being very clean so to see the building being in this shape surprises me.

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My name is Ken. A couple of weeks ago I and my wife went to Braums to have a treat we both ordered a peanut butter cup shake and we asked them to please make it thick, when it came and we began to eat it we noticed that the shake was all milk with no ice cream it was runny like milk. Now I called the manager over to talk to get about the matter because I have experienced this same thing in the past and am tired of not getting what I ordered. I... Read more

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