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I was shocked at the dirty environment floor was sticky and slippery with no wet floor warning signs and I almost fell, my husband caught me or I would have, we both pulled muscles. dirty bathroom When ordering, food was all over everything very unclean! I thought of reporting your store to the health department. ants were at the drink station! I had brought wet paper towels from the bathroom, so that I could clean the food off of my shoes so... Read more

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My name is Wayne Hall of Grove, Ok. My complaint is that my wife went to your Grove store this morning for a gallon of milk and their was a training session going on with some young lady training the employees on correct procedures and service. My wife stood at the register for many minutes and no one would ever offer to help her. She left without the milk and went elsewhere. Seems like to me that your employees have forgotten why they are... Read more

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I went to braums on my lunch break, and after sitting in line for 20+ minutes I get my large choc shake. As I'm drinking it on my way back to work I notice some chunks in it. When I get back to work I sorted thru the shake and found tons on these little brown mushy things in my shake. I have no clue what they are but I've never had them in my shake before. I'm thoroughly disgusted. Read more

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Hello to Braums corporate office I am a very faithful customer at Braums I love Braum's Ice Cream, and also the grocery store i just love everything about Braum's I've been shopping there all of my life. when I moved to Atlanta Georgia the one place I miss was Braum's because yall have no store locations there. About week ago on Wednesday I had a very bad experience over all I ordered 3 strawberry pineapple chicken salad and all three of them or... Read more

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You may date the bottom of the poppyseed chicken salads to insure the freshness but if the employees change the dates to keep from trashing old ones everyone loses. People wont buy rotten salads. Read more

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I used to go get a Braums burger two or more times a week. They were delicious and a good value.Then, Braums changed the menu and they no longer offer hamburgers.They only offer Cheese burgers. I asked what the cost would be if I left off the cheese and received this reply, " It all is the same we don't give no discount for not gettin' the cheese." Really??!? you used to charge extra for cheese but now you don't charge less for not getting the... Read more

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We went to braums in Andover ks last night . My fiance got violently ill an hour after eating the brownie Sunday. Had felt fine before . You might check to make sure theres nothing wrong w your ice cream or nuts here ??

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The one in neosho missouri is bad the employees are all dating each other and hanging out together in the parking lot i know this is against company policy. .they make out in the parking lot and nothing is done the manager is aware of this also there is one couple that i know of that is dating there and working togeth ..this makes it very accward for me as a customer when i go in there and all this is going on.. Read more

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Much to my dismay I was informed today you have quit carrying Avacados! Being here on Duncan, Ok our choices are limited. You truly had the best Avacados in town, please bring them back. I know they were selling because the bend would be empty on many occasions. You also quit selling jalapeño pepper, they were good too. Anytime I can go to Braum's instead of Walmart I do! We buy a lot in the fresh market, I have praised you to folks all... Read more

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First of all, Very upset that the company hides its complaints, but makes sure the reviews are out there. Now to something of importance, an employee who has been employed over 5 years at Newcastle, Oklahoma was recent denied FMLA( a federal law that protects employees job and allows time off for many things, such as emergany family care or emergancy issues that srrise with imediate family or someone you live with, to include funerals of... Read more

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